Investment Operation


?????? We have been long engaged in investing in electronic information industry, and focusing on the incubation and cooperation with emerging industries like information technology, productive service, new energy, energy conservation and emission reduction. Currently, we control some outstanding high-tech enterprises specialized in energy efficiency management, green lighting and semi-conductor of industries and civil buildings, providing top product technologies and services in China. As China's industrialization progresses and technology innovation improves, our company will witness a better future development.

?????? Shenzhen Jingwah Electronics Co., Ltd., a national high-tech enterprise founded in 1980, is one of the earliest electronics companies established in Shenzhen Special Zone Upholding the policy of "Developing through Technology Innovation", we focus on digital industry and have possessed a number of patents and software copyrights. We have been honored a series of titles, including "11th in the Top 500 Industrial Enterprises with Best Economic Benefits", "Top 100 Chinese Exporters of Machinery and Electronics", and "Outstanding Enterprises of Guangdong Province"; and the trademark of Jingwah "JW" is titled as "Top 10 Famous Trademarks of Shenzhen" and "Famous Trademarks of Guangdong Province".
?????? We are engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of tablet, smartphone, voice recorder, e-book, MP3, MP4, mobile phone, navigator, car audio system and other products, with distribution network covering China, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Germany, Russia and other countries. We boast of registered capital of RMB 115.07 million and fixed assets of over RMB 450 million, with annual revenue reaching almost RMB 1.6 billion. Among over 4000 employees, more than 500 of them are engineers and technicians with doctor, master or bachelor degrees, guaranteeing strong R&D competence and rapid market response.

?????? CEIEC Electric Technology Inc. (CET for short), established in 1993, is a national high-tech enterprise and Shenzhen key software enterprise. CET is a leading company in building energy efficiency management, industrial smart power management, industrial substation (power plant) automation, smart protection and monitoring of industrial low-voltage electric motor, industrial enterprise energy management, electric energy quality monitoring and management, voltage quality monitoring and management, high-end gateway measurement, and monitoring and management of electricity and gas utilization in power plant.
?????? We have become important partners with State Grid, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, Xichang Satellite Launch Center, and a number of provincial grids, providing safety monitoring system for Shenzhou satellites. By virtue of top technical strength, over 100 customers of building energy efficiency management, including CCTV, the Forbidden City, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, U. S. Consulate in Guangzhou, and Shenzhen King key all have faith in CET. In recent years, we have been making great efforts to explore international markets while developing product agents and technology service providers in many countries of Europe, Asia and the Oceania with rapid growth of our international business .

?????? CE Lighting Ltd. (CEL for short), founded in 1996, is named as first batch of "National High-tech Enterprises", with products obtaining international design awards including "Red Dot Industrial Design Award" and "iF Produce Design Award". It is also granted as "Superior Intellectual Property Enterprise" and "Shenzhen Industrial Leaders" by the Municipal Government of Shenzhen. As the first LED lighting company in China to have 100% own intellectual property, we have invested in a complete industrial chain from rare earth, to lighting manufacturing and lighting engineering, as well as professional R&D from optics to electronics, structure, material, process, and lighting design.
?????? CEL persists in following a high-end strategy, with over 1,000 independent products and over 400 patents in hand. Meanwhile, we have been licensed with over 340 patents, including 80 utility patents and international patents. About 95% of our products are exported, with distribution network covering almost 90 countries worldwide. Following the economic and cultural development in China, domestic demand will grow larger and larger, presenting new opportunity for future development. Guided by the belief of "Lighting and Environmental Protection in One", we integrate technology into our products, and hold fast to brand and quality. By keeping innovating, we are committed to enriching lighting culture and creating a brand of "Landlite" with permanent value.



?????? Jiangsu Guoguang Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd. (GEIT), a National Level I Enterprise, and China's Top 100 Software Enterprise, began to research on domestic computer and data communication products in the late 1970s. Over the years, GEIT has made impressive performance in software development & system integration, computer peripheral, network communication equipment, financial machines and tools, electromagnetic shielding equipment, etc. in the communication and finance.
?????? In the past 10 years, we have over 20 new product development projects every year, including 6 national science and technology projects and 4 projects of National Torch Plan. 17 of these projects have won national key new product title and awards at national and provincial level. Moreover, We also obtained over 100 software copyrights and about 50 various patents. Currently, we focus on financial informatization and electronization, and make efforts mainly in the development of financial self-help products, financial card machines, software, network terminals and other financial information products, while expanding communication, electricity, transportation, public security and service gradually. Our products are widely used in government, army, finance, telecommunication, mobile, insurance, electric power, railway, customs, and other fields, which have made us a famous figure in China's information industry. We are striving to become a major supplier and system integrator for equipment and system for financial informatization, as well as a leading solution provider for industrial application system and key IT service provider in the industrial informatization.

?????? Founded in Lianyungang, Jiangsu, 1983 jointly by CET and one of global top 500 companies, Henkel (German), the Company is a manufacturer of epoxy molding compound for integrated circuit packaging and mainly engages in supplying molding compound, electronic packaging services and IC packaging materials.
?????? As a key new high-tech enterprise, and a base of National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program) of China, the Company boasts a national postdoctoral research station, a provincial R&D center: Jiangsu Provincial Engineering & Technological Research Center for Integrated Circuit Packaging Materials and a new R&D lab for epoxy molding compound in Waigaoqiao, Shanghai.
?????? By far the Company stands out as the largest individual manufacturer of epoxy molding compound in the world, the largest leading suppliers of epoxy molding compound with no.1 market share in China, no.2 top global epoxy molding compound manufacturer with no. 1 output around the world and an excellent manufacturing capability.

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