Company Introduction


?????? Inadvertently we get to know each other when you happen to visit our website. Old customers are welcomed to browse with tacit understanding and new friends may also join us at will. We are glad to know you here in the website of China Electronics ShenZhen Company. Thank you for your attention and consultation!
?????? The company has made great achievements in the past. However, we are not satisfied with the past but have grand dream. Over the past 33 years, The company people kept pioneering years, The company people kept pioneering and forging ahead with their hard work, making the Company stronger and stronger. In 2013, the volume of foreign trade totaled USD 3.6 billion with operating income of RMB 26 billion, which pushed the Company to the 15th place in the Top 100 Enterprises of Shenzhen.
?????? For 34 years, the company persists in market-oriented policy, takes providing sincere services and contributing to society as mission, respects knowledge and talents, sticks to innovation, and is determined to turn itself into a top-class enterprise. The company puts customers first, values staff development and makes itself a human-oriented harmonious company that brings happiness to its employees, profits to its shareholders and benefits to the society. In results, the company develops with the society.
?????? "Steadiness, Standardization, Integrity and Innovation" is the principle for operating the Company. "One-Three-One" is our long-term development strategy ("One Thought": basing on trade, extending trade, and developing beyond trade; "Three Stages": base, extension and blooming stages; "One Goal": world-renowned enterprise with revenue of RMB one hundred billion and one thousand employees). According to this principle and strategy and supported by the CEC International Headquarters, we keep on developing new business modes, building an industrial integration platform, accelerating business transformation and upgrading, occupying high-end markets and growing with customer, to turn the company into an outstanding integration service provider in electronic information industry around the world!
?????? A handful of soil is insignificant but a great deal of them will make a great mountain like Mount Tai; a brook is meaningless, but many of them converge into rivers and seas. We equally treat old and new friends without discrimination and persist in win-win principle in every large or small trade. We will always adhere to laws and regulations, cherishing integrity and responsibilities as our life, treating business opportunity and wisdom as our countless treasure.
?????? Join us! Together, we can realize our ambitions.

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