Enterprises culture


?????? As a competitive large state controlling enterprise, the company always adhere to operate according to the law and with honesty, improve sustained profitability, improve product quality and provide better services, strengthen resource conservation and environmental protection, promote innovation, ensure production safety, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees, participate in the work for the public good, and make huge efforts to realize the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of enterprises, society, and environment. In 2012, the company developed the idea of "one-three-one" long-term development strategy and adhere to the requests in Guidance on Central Enterprises to Fulfill Social Responsibility to start to put the social responsibility as an important content into the idea, continue to establish mechanisms to fulfill their social responsibility from the strategic level, actively respond to the complex economic situation, actively adapt to changes in the market adjustment, continuously lay a more solid foundation to fulfill the social responsibility by promoting the sustained and rapid development of enterprises. It's our responsibility of building a harmonious society.



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